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Unexpectedly, creating caricature portraits to commemorate a person's life or milestone has become one of my mainstays.  I've created literally hundreds - some of which are scattered around the globe - and it's the part of my act where my own rural community has found me the most palatable!

The proposed recipient is obviously the primary focus in the composition but I also try and gather in other dominant strands of their life.These artworks have been used to woo romantic interests, thank host families, mark important occasions and farewell politicians departing office. Some have made it on to book covers and even on to the cover of the subject's funeral program - which gives me a kick, it being the image the family decided summed up that whole, multifaceted life. In fact I've been told some are regarded as heirlooms because of the weight of family information captured there.

Caricature portraits come in two basic flavours:

• There's fast and loose ( and more economical) done initially as an ink cartoon on tinted art paper then enhanced with acrylic washes.

  And there's 'The Major Work', fully painted on stretched canvas.

If you feel like giving someone the treatment, or being immortalised yourself, make contact. Prices tend to range between $450 and $1500.

Satisfied customer, 1976

Growing Old Disgracefully

Growing Old Disgracefully

There was heaps of fodder in the brief
for this gentleman. From psychiatric nurse, through
motorcycle cop and Elton John security guard to 76yr old biker
and fuel tanker driver! Thank you, thank you...


An acrylic on canvas rendering
of Olmec and Melisa - and assorted critters
on their permaculture haven.


A Kiwi arborist married into Japanese culture gave plenty of visual fodder.
(Carl is also Ray's son.)

Line & wash on tinted paper.


This is my second study of Ray.
The first, and tragically Ray himself were lost
when his house burned down
three weeks back.
Pete's Palace

Pete's Palace

Englishman Pete wanted an image
which captured the utopian
future of his young marriage.
Murray & Viv

Murray & Viv airbrushed study from way back
of an animator and his dressmaking wife.

...a thank you gesture for a sculpting architect.

...a retirement gift for a flying vet.
A painterly job...

A painterly job...

in which washes of contrasting colour have been used
to differentiate between the harsh zone our subject
is escaping from and the idyllic one he's headed for.

A line and wash on paper...

A line and wash on paper...

commemorating the marriage of a carpenter
and a nurse.
Starting to develop a work on canvas.

Starting to develop a work on canvas.

A fully rendered work on canvas

A fully rendered work on canvas

A 'fast & loose' rendering of our lot-
(they're almost all there!)

A 'fast & loose' rendering of our lot- (they're almost all there!)