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I was invited to exhibit in this Timaru fundraiser
and imagined a clutch of well-meaning biddies in a draughty church hall
- nothing could have been further from the truth!
The show was expertly curated in the Aigantighe Gallery ( a converted mansion!)
and enthusiastically patronised.

At the opening, while swooping on the lavish catering in the foyer, I became aware of 
a glowing presence through the subdued lighting - my bronzes, on their own dais,
stylishly arranged and lit.

Several sold plus all my wall images so it was a very positive exercise!

A portion of opening night punters.

Three framed prints and an original
- about to be adopted by culturally attuned Timaruvians!
My bronzes never looked better...

My bronzes never looked better...

Wow, a nice presentation and expert lighting
makes it look like you knew what you were up to.