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Well, it had to happen.
Just like casting bronze allowed some of my characters and creations to free-stand and embrace a third dimension, so the video portal has opened and allowed them to breath and move - (and get drunk!)

My daughter commissioned me to create a clip to play behind her band's performance of this composition of hers ( based on an account in National Geographic) in last year's Christchurch Arts Fest. and I've managed to add some performance footage to it ( after coaxing a boffin to enter my computer via Teamviewer and show me the right pulleys).   

As with all energised art, there were plenty of happy accidents. I know there are programs further up the trail with the potential to grab my 'key drawings' and run with them in ways I can't even conceive of yet. I'm not a babe in the cinematic wilderness - I'm a babe in the carpark leading to the cinematic wilderness! But, hey, I'm having fun.

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"Cheeky Monkey" - Mundi - Music video