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Maquette for a National Monument
Showing Man's Tenuous Relationship
with Things Temporal
Another ancient work where I toyed with
properties of bronze and which, although small,
bears my most pretentious title.

The old Waikari flour mill

...helps nourish the region with
art, performance and ecological debate.
Dog Eat Dog

Dog Eat Dog

As well as showing big business
this work shows me that I can keep it simple:
basically 2 cylinders, 10 lugs.

The Money Game

The Money Game

This work showing capitalism's
scrabble for fiscal ascension bears a terrifying 
resemblance to Wellington's Rugby World Cup monument 
( except they've replaced the buck for a ball and have 
everyone wearing shorts.)
2B or not 2B

2B or not 2B

In this early sculpture I was delighting
in that fact that bronze
just needs a small point of contact
to hang together.